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Annie is still in college, studying Animation at Sheridan. She's the unofficial photographer for Many-Hues acres. She loves to photograph her family working, the dogs running around, and, for reasons yet unknown, feet.

You can check out what Annie gets up to when she isn't running around with a camera here:


Chris and Leah

Chris and Leah run the show. If they have free time, they're either hanging out in thier studios or tromping around the land with their dogs, Nessie and Widget.

Chris provides most of the actual labour for the various chores we do around the land, and is generally the reason we all get up in the morning to work. He spends a lot of time in his studio building and repairing antique pens, and will never say no to a good microbrew.

Check out what Chris is doing here:

Appleman Pen Creations

Leah reminds everyone to eat, to laugh, and to have fun even when we're working hard. When she isn't busy gardening or playing with her pups, she's dreaming up new projects in her Fibre Arts studio.

Check out what Leah's working on here:

Many-Hues Studios


Jesika spends a lot of time in her Toronto apartment, cuddling her kittens and making jewellery. Jesika helps out with some of the labour on the land from time to time, and babysits the bees. When she's with the family, she's generally hanging out in Chris' studio, or running into trees in the woods. She loves the harvest, and most conversations about the land generally lead to beer brewing or mead making.

Check out what Jesika's doing here:

Blackmaille Jewellery 


Mitchell is something of a legend around Many-Hues Acres. You can't always find him, and often when you know he's there you can't see him! Mitchell loves to build fires and blaze trails, and you won't often find him without an ax or knife on his belt. He's the youngest member of our family, but that hasn't stopped him from becoming an accomplished wood carver and carpenter, or stopped his research into the various medicinal properties of plants we find around the land.

He's hard to catch on camera, but we got him! 

Here are some of the things that Mitchell works on.......


  1. Love Chris's picture. I had a good belly laugh to start my morning. Thank you

  2. Somebody gonna get hurt and I think you know who

  3. Yeh...tough guy in the funky hat gonna get rough. ha ha


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