Honey Harvest

This past long weekend was all about honey for my family. It's a little earlier than what we had read...most seem to harvest in mid-August. But we had the weekend & everyone was home so it was the best time for all of us. It was a perfect weekend. The weather was a little overcast and a little cooler than usual. Just right for us having to wear the bee suits.

This was our first time & we had been watching video's and reading up on the process all week. All a little nervous but comfort comes in numbers. Annie & Mitchell took all the photo's and were very calm considering that they didn't have suits on. Nobody got stung. A very successful day indeed.




  1. More pictures! More I say!

  2. Looks great you guys, how many hives do you have? I would love to come out and see them!

  3. Thanks for commenting Debra. It's great to have visitors. Actually we only have a few hives as it's a beginner start up. Not much to look at. Do you have hives?


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