Backwoods Bunkie - It begins

We decided it would be best to build the walls and base in the driveway. We had all of our tools, lots of space, and no concerns with running out of anything.

Driving out

Once we got everything pretty leveled out, we had to secure the floorboards.

Turns out we forgot the clamps... But the tie-downs ended up doing a great job.

We had to fill the floor with insulation to ensure it could be a four season bunkie.

Turns out it was incredibly heavy! We had to use the trailer to brace it for packing.

Nice and tight for maximum warm.

Shingles and pressure treated wood will prevent the water from wicking up into the floor.

We really needed the table saw at this point. But being deep in the woods without an outlet... Turns out a skill saw will do the job just well enough!

Just a shot of us working in the driveway. I think this was pre-sunburn.

The first trip into the backwoods... We were only able to make one more (floor) before the path became too mucky to make it through. Every other wall was carried in on our shoulders.

Can we be done for the day please?


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