An Introduction

Our family had always spent a lot of time driving around, checking out farms and fields, imagining about having a little piece of it for ourselves.

Well, now we do.

We couldn't really ask for better. The front 10 acres is cleared land, filled with baby spruce trees. (This field used to belong to a tree farm) The back acreage is 15 acres, and is filled with ceders around the pond, and hardwoods towards the back property line.

We've had a great time exploring the property since we took over the land in July. We've found quite a bit of the original farm fences around the pond, nearly swallowed up by the trees. The woods are very dense, and it's going to take us a while to figure out the original paths and roads that would have been used back when the land was still active. Don't worry, there will be lots of pictures.


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