In which a decision is made

We've only had the land for about 3 months now, but we've had to get a lot of work done.

We've been attempting to clear out a lot of the original farm paths. This picture here is one of the old gates.

The deadfall is pretty substantial. These woods haven't been taken care of for a long time, so we've really had our work cut out for us. To add to the problem, we didn't have anywhere we could store the tractor for any length of time, meaning we've had to basically leave it out for the elements. We decided to fix that on Thanksgiving weekend.

Grandpa Hughes was in town for this week, and he came up with a plan for us to build the shed we needed to house our tools and supplies.

Grandpa cut everything to size for us, which really minimized the amount of work we needed to do on site. First, we put together the floor.

Then we had to get it into place. To do this, we leveled out the back of the shed, and raised the front. This makes it a little more difficult if people decide they really want our tractor. The entrance is at least 2 feet off the ground.

We're in place, we're level, and we're ready to get the walls up.

It was very much a family effort.

By the end of the first day, we had the walls up, the additional height on one side for a sleeping loft up, and we'd made a quick jig for the rafters, which we decided to cut at home.

We headed out bright and early on Day 2 to get the rafters up as soon as possible.

We learned some new skills.

We had some moments to reflect.

Everyone had a job and helped out.

We laughed.

We conquered some old fears.

We pulled together and got all of the framework for the shed up in only 2 days. The following weeks were hellish, and it poured rain nearly every time we were able to get up to work on it.

But little by little...

We wench the tractor up the ramps.

Step by agonizing step...

We managed to pull it together, and finish it in only 4 weekends.

We barely made it before the snow started to come down.

It was an amazing family project that came together so well. We all had a hand in it, we all got to help, and it really turned out amazingly well. I wonder how many we're going to have after we all decide we want our own?

A few more shed shots.

 No leaks.

 Door handle

The orchard starts

 Cherry trees

Apple tree


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