In which we move in

We took control of 25 acres in Hockley back in July. Two days after the papers were signed and we received the go-ahead, we moved in the first residents of Many-Hues Acres.

About 20,000 new residents.

This here is a frame of honey bees. The orange capped comb are brood, baby bees. The more yellow capped comb in the upper corners are stores of honey. If we could get a little closer, you'd likely see quite a bit of pollen as well.

We started out with two standard hives that we picked up from an organic beekeeper out in Williamsburg. We stopped by our local paint store and picked out some really funky colours for them:

We all worked together to get them snug into their new homes:

And we left them alone.

Having spent the end of the summer with them, I can assure you that they're some of the most docile wild animals I've ever met. I couldn't believe how easy they were to work with, and how calm they were. I had wild thoughts of them attacking with the slightest provocation, but I've come to realize that really they just want to have their home and be left alone.

I guess we'll see how much I still love them after they realize I'm raiding them for their honey....


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