In which we sneak a peek

I'm a bad landlady. I pop in without any notice and generally cause havoc.

Dad and I couldn't help it. We just had to see what they were up to. Turns out they've built their comb a bit too high:

Which means that if we pop the lid off for a look, we crack open a row of comb. Hopefully we'll be able to correct this next spring. Till then, we want them to do well for the winter so we're going to leave them be. We're going to have to content ourselves with moving in our next 'residents'

By which, I mean black currants. These little beauties don't take up much room, don't need a lot of sun, and give you tons of fruit in return. These fruits are very high in Vitamin C, and you'll be shocked how much production you'll get from them.

We're going to attempt to train them come spring, so that it'll be a bit less back-breaking to harvest the fruit. Black currants don't need a ton of care. Just water them if you're having a bit of drought. Honestly, we have these in our backyard, and we don't really fuss over them. I'm pretty sure we didn't bother watering them this summer either, and we still got more then enough for this:

This, of course, is black currant cordial. We're hoping to nail down an actual recipe next summer. We just loaded up a Mehu Lisa with as much as she could hold, threw in about 6 tbsp of lemon juice and 4 cups of sugar. We got roughly 3 bottles of concentrated black currant juice, which can be diluted in water or ginger ale for a fun summery drink.

Here's hoping we won't have to fight with the birds next year for the fruit.


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