Ants in the new Hive.

 The ants started on our new hive right away & we have no idea what the attraction is but that's our situation.
When we put the sugar syrup on we got more and after a week the syrup was gone. We're not sure if the ants have taken the syrup or the bees but the jar is sitting directly on the wood so we're hoping it's not the ant.
This is the outside of the hive where the ants are getting in. After seeing so many ants on a small hive we thought we better do something. I'm very adamant that our treatment for our bees is as natural as can be. So I Googled my question, "how to keep ants out of bee hives" and I got my answer right away. So this morning we're going to sprinkle cinnamon in the top box and visit the hive in the afternoon & see if the ants are leaving. We'll post again with the results.


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