Backwoods Bunkie - It's starting to look like a building.

Grandpa recommended we move the window slightly off center.. Apparently it helped with structural integrity?  Would you believe that window only cost me $30?

We moved the final location of the picture window I found on Kijiji. Only $60!

It's been a busy few days.

We've had to learn quite a bit.

Tar paper under the pine boards will help prevent water/frost from getting inside.

Tuck Tape fixes everything.

Apparently the pine boards are a great place to hang out.

Got all of the walls up before lunch!

James and Dad got the window up while Grandpa and I were out getting lunch!

The last thing we did was get the roof started.

I love working together.

Two hands on the tar paper.

Lots of structure discussion.

Lots of planning.

All hands on deck.


An enlightened moment!


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