Acres includes balconies... Right?

I'm hoping nobody thinks it's odd that I consider my balcony part of my 'acres'.

Whelp... Welcome to the 'acres'. I'm currently in the middle of two large projects. One is a recreation of Alaska Grow Buckets. Seriously, check this guy out. While the system took me quite some time to put together (and by me, I mean my man James), it was well worth it to come home from a hot weekend to find all of my plants perfectly watered.

I picked up all of the components for the system (far too much stuff as it ended up) at my local hydroponics store Grow it All. The guy that helped me was really amazing, I really recommend the store.

Check out the guide, and donate to him!

James is less then impressed with my plans.

Not impressed that he doesn't have enough room to work.

Not impressed that I laughed at his lack of power tools.

My raised bed has a raised bed!

Clockwise from the left: Meyer lemon/Key lime tree (in the grow bucket), Luffa squash in the back row, chives, oregano, rosemary in the front row, box with three stevia plants, box with peppermint and sage (with enough room for one more plant).

So that's my little piece of 'land' in the city. Luckily, being 25 floors up means it's quite warm and I have an extended growing season due to lack of frost. Hopefully it'll be a good year!


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