Some of my son's work

My son made this for my birthday.
He used a file and ground it all down and then we tempered it in the kitchen oven.
The antler was given to him by a friend from work and I think it came from northern Ontario.
The shape is so perfect for my hand and I love it.  It has not left my belt since he gave it to me.

 With some encouragement form my son I was able to get this one done up this afternoon.
Unlike my son who has the skill to take a piece of steel, grind and sharpen it into a knife I cheated and bought a blade blank to build this one.

The handle is diamond wood sealed with boiled linseed oil add then buffed with bees wax.


  1. Handmade from your does it get any better than that.

  2. Both of them are pretty swanky. I need to put in a request for my bday! lol


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