What's happening to our bees...

Tough question & there's many factors. Last night was the Dufferin County Bee Association's meeting & I'm finding the more I learn the more I don't sleep...waiting for my bees to die. Crop spraying, pesticides, mites, antibotics...it just never seems to end. Last night I heard of another issue...the hive beetle. So our area is inundated with varroa mites & now the hive beetle has some area bee keepers quarantined. Apparently the ministry of food and agriculture will come & burn your hives and quarantine you for two years. Holy crap...understandably required but will it ever end. It's like a agriculture horror story for the bees right now. Apiaries are loosing 40-50% of their hives. Our bees made it through the winter & I was very happy thinking the trouble was over. OH...I'm such a babe in the woods...so inexperienced. The meetings are very informative but nightmarish at the same time.
Wish us luck!!


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