Balcony Garden Thoughts

It's been about 2 weeks or so since I last took a picture of my balcony.

Two things I've changed this year that I'm going to stick with.
  • The gravity fed watering system for my tomatoes has been an absolute godsend. The plants have double in size in only 2 weeks! It's a load off my mind and a boon for the garden. They never lack for water, and I never feel guilty about forgetting to water.
  • using Pro-Mix soiless medium instead of potting soil for my container plants. It holds the water far better then the potting soil ever did, and my plants are healthy and well. 
I'm still not sure how to 'recycle' the growing buckets next spring, but I guess I'll tackle that when I come to it. Till then, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for tomatoes this year. These are the first tomatoes I've ever grown from seed and managed to raise!

I'm thinking of adapting this growing system to a rain barrel up at the cottage.


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