Please support our Bees by signing the Petition

Hello friends and colleagues,
As you may know, the Ontario Beekeeper's Association has been working hard to have the neonicotinoid pesticides responsible for these losses removed from use in Ontario. As part of their strategy, the OBA has developed the attached petition requesting the Premier of Ontario to follow the lead of the European Union and ban neonicotinoid pesticides.
I am asking you to sign this petition by clicking here  to add your voice to the beekeepers, farmers, environmentalists, scientists, and citizens who want to see an end to this toxic contamination of our pollinators,  wildlife, water systems and land.
Please circulate this email to all your friends and contacts, or 'cut and paste' this link into your own message: . If you have a website, blog or Facebook page, or if you Tweet, please share the petition on your sites. 
Together we can protect our bees.


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