The Island

I was frog hunting around the pond when I glimpsed something that I thought was a dead bird. I trekked over to the island in hopes of getting some feathers when I realized that it was the most unusual flower. 

It was completely white. Even the inside was white & the petals had a wax paper look about them. I asked Jesika to take a picture of them for future investigation. As I was close to the ground checking them out I noticed a definite smell in the air. I wasn't sure what it was but it wasn't great I can tell you that.  Well it turns out that these little flowers are a parasite flower with multiple names. Check out the link for more information on the Corpse Flower. 

So back to my real reason for trekking to the island...frog hunting. Here's a couple of pictures of these little cuties...isn't he wonderful.


There were hundreds of frogs everywhere. These aren't even the ones I've been trying to follow from tad poles. The tad poles are still in the water & are actually bigger than these baby frogs. The tad poles must be bull frogs...they're huge.

It really is like being a kid again...I just loved frog hunting as a young girl & I'm so fascinated with all the wild life I'm finding on these acres. It's heaven on earth. 


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