It was an apple weekend

Thanksgiving weekend is always applesauce weekend in the Hughes household.

That being said, we've missed it for a couple years... So we had to play catch up.

An apple peeling/coring device makes life so much easier. We peel and core all of our apples that go into applesauce. We've learned to never use Wealthy apples again (we burnt some of our sauce for the first time EVER)

Every family does thier sauce differently. Some years the apples are so good you don't even need to add sugar. Some years, we spice it up. This year, we added some sugar and our favorite spices (try cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, allspice, any mixture you like!)

Peeling and coring the apples might mean a bit less applesauce, but it does let us make apple jelly!

Our recipe is a little vague.. We pile all of the peels/cores in a pot, and every 9 inches gets 15 cups of water added to the pot. We bring to the boil, and then let it sit overnight.

The next morning, we strain out the pulp/skin/seeds, and measure the resulting liquid. It feels.. well, slimy. I guess that's the pectin and sugars! For every 5 cups of liquid, you add 7 cups of sugar and use 1 package of pectin.

We had 35 cups of juice, so we tossed in 49 cups (?!!?) of sugar, and 7 packs of pectin. Follow these steps:

1. Add pectin to liquid, bring to a boil
2. Add your sugar, all of it, all at once. Bring to a boil and boil hard for 1 minute
3. Skim off foam (it's edible it just looks gross), and jar.
4. Incorporate the most amazing jam you've ever had into every day of your life.

Our haul was 60 jars of jelly, and about 36 jars of applesauce. Yay thanksgiving!


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