Ice Storm 2013

The weekend before Christmas was one of the worst ice storms Ontario has ever seen.  Although it made travel was gorgeous & I couldn't wait to get out and take some pictures. I invited my son to come along but he wouldn't get out of bed...his loss.

Although many trees were down & the power was out for thousands of people for days...I only took pictures of the beauty...tunnel vision I guess.

This is a picture of the back garden.

This is the driveway garden. Our neighbors evergreen overhangs a little bit and the ice really brought the bows down.

This is the spirit willow at the front of the house. I was a little concerned about loosing some branches if the wind picked up, but that never happened & the tree remains undamaged.

I love this picture looking up into the spirit willow.

We arrived at the property gate. Nessie and Widget have already begun their walk.

I was fascinated with the needles of the evergreens encased in ice.

Little weeds poking out of the snow took on a new beauty.

Baby evergreens

Although I never took any pictures of the bee hives, we did investigate and they did need to be dug out. The ice had completely closed the bottom entrance to the hives and thank goodness Jesika had a knife on her key ring and we were able to dig the ice away from the entrance. All the noise brought the guard bees out the top exit to investigate what we were doing.


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