The honey Hut

We quickly found that we needed our bee equipment closer to the hives so we started the honey hut for our bee equipment etc.
Starting the floor of the honey shed.  Built it in two pieces so I could move it on my own

Why is none of my building ever on level ground?  I keep hearing my wife's voice when we were first dating. "I want to own sculpted land".   Well sculpted land we have.

Deck blocks as well as braces all installed.

Widget likes it because she can get out of the rain.

Floor all down.

Door and back wall up.

Window wall all framed up.  We found a brand new window at the restore so I built the wall to fit the window.

When you work alone you have to use what ever you can.  Tie down to level up the wall.

Last wall done.

Starting the small porch.

6 inch by 1/2 inch lag screws.

Deck done.

Rafters all installed.

Picking up the pine boards for the back wall.

This car had no roof racks so I had to get inventive.

A new saw table combo I was gifted to me by my dad.  12 foot boards handled with no problem at all.

I call these our Redneck dining furniture.

Back wall all boarded up.


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