The Hut

Well I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, almost done.

Window all in and framed up.
Door installed.  This was a door that I bought one day when I was down to pick up Annie and it just seemed to be perfect for this building. 


It was easier and cheaper to use solid pine boards for the roof instead of plywood.  Total wastage was about 2 inches off the end of each board.

Looking down across the hives.

Just need the roofing shingles and then it is all done except for the battens.

On my drive home across Hockley Road I stopped to try and get this guy off the road and he ended up biting the toe of my work boot.  So I got my work jacket and grabbed him by the back of the shell.  They can almost reach their hind legs with their mouth I learned.  Any way got him off the road.  A older gentleman who stopped to help out said that they will leave a mark in a  iron bar when they snap down on it,  So I can see where a little thing like a finger would just be gone.  Glad I had my work boots on.  The reason the gentleman stopped was in my rush to pull over to get this guy off the road I sled off the road on a soft shoulder so he just hooked up to my hitch and pulled me out.  So I guess what goes around comes around.

Finally got smart and cut all my tar-paper before I left the house where it was nice and flat with a built in knife guide in the sidewalk. 

Tar-paper and metal edging all done.

Mitchell helping out with the shingles.  He nailed and I cut.

All Done


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