Recycled Cabin

The goal of this project was that Mitchell wanted to make a cabin for himself using recycled materials.
So this was the start of the pile of pallets that were donated from the brew-master Andrew at Hockley Valley Brewery

We made up a base to get it all off the ground.
It is level even if Leah says you don't need a level to build with.

Laying down the floor skids.

The plywood that went down on top of the skids.
My Das Auto.  I think it really means truck because I have hauled more stuff with my cars than I ever did with my truck.

New toy.  Gas powered air gun.

Nail gun 1  Square 0

Walls almost done.

Free windows found in the trash.

The back wall framed in for the free windows we found.

Roof boards.

Rafters up.

Getting ready for tar paper and outer boards.
$20 dollar window from Re Store.

Getting the back wall done.


Mitchell made us lunch.

3 Walls done.

Free door we found in the garbage.  It was even hinged on the correct side. 

Proud owner.


Installing roof boards

Door framed in.

It now locks.

Insulation time

Front step.

Last bit of insulation.

First free window installed.

Both done.

Lots of light now.

Some downed trees from the last storm.

Dragging them out.
We will use it to make the bridge out to the island by Mitchell's cabin

Had to build a tool box for the 4X4 for the chain saw, chains etc.

You know you are in trouble when the wheels are off the ground

First support for the bridge

Do we really need 2 of them?????

That was heavy   Thank goodness for a come alongs and pulleys

Just have to find some more free 2x6's or another free skid like the 1st one

And they think they are helping!

South upper window in

North Upper Window 

South upper window inside


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