Sourdough Bread

Although I can't eat bread, I make bread for my family to enjoy and have since my children were very young.
My daughter, Jesika, started me off with a pure wild yeast Levain and this started me making my own sourdough only a few months ago. Within the last month a friend loaned me a book called "Flour Water Salt Yeast" by Ken Forkish. This took my bread making to a whole new level and my loaves now look like the artisan bread purchased in bakeries. Although I still can't taste it, the loaves disappear quickly which tells me that my family do enjoy the bread I make.
June weather in southern Ontario has been extremely hot and dry this year. Air conditioning is just something we don't use if we can stand the heat so Chris put the last loaf on the BBQ to cook and it turned out wonderful in the cast iron.


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